OG900 Oval Gear Flowmeter

The oval gear flow meter is a kind of Positive Displacement Flow Meter. As the fluid being measured passes thru the meter, it rotates 2 oval gears in measuring cavity to displace a precise volume of fluid. A sensor detects the gear rotation to determine displaced volume and flow rate.

Oval Gear Flowmeter OG900

Technical data

∎ Higher Accuracy: 0.5% or 0.2%

∎ Standard Viscosity up to 2000cP(Centipoises=mPa.s): 2000cP

∎ Size of wide flow ranges : 0.04-340m3/h(18-37,396GPM)

∎ Wide range of working environment : -20~+180°C


ตัวอย่าง รุ่น OG900-D (มี Zero setting)